Pure Aloe. Simple Truth.
The Lexli skincare product line is formulated with a base of pure aloe. While firmly established as a regional brand in North Dakota around founder Dr. Abdullah's practice, Lexli decided to launch nationally and required various materials to drive their business.

For one project, I created a stationery system to complement the product packaging. The business cards are printed with variable colors on the reverse side.

I also designed packaging inserts for both the Acne Treatment Kit and the 30 Day Starter Kit. These needed to hold the product components in place for shipping and reveal detailed information (ingredients, directions, brand messaging) about each of the products in the system.

In addition to the stationery system and packaging, I designed full page ads to run in a variety of women's interest magazines, a billboard for the Fargo area specifically, and various banner ads to drive web traffic to lexli.com.