Designing the Dollar
Rethinking U.S. Currency

Exposure to monetary systems outside of the U.S. gave me one conclusion: our system is inadequate. The recent redesign has done little to solve issues for the blind or improve general usability.

I saw an opportunity to apply design principles to our federal government.

Through primary and secondary research, analysis and design, I created a solution that combined bills with electronic currency. On the bills, low vision features include different bill lengths, a high contrast color system, large numerals and braille and tactile marks. Security features include a watermark, hologram and complex guilloché patterns. New imagery and typography are intended to be more culturally resonant and representative of our diversity in resources.

The new design represents a systematic approach that inspires people to think about money in a different light, and consider users with limited abilities.

Thesis Documentation Book (.PDF)

My project was recently featured in Richard Smith's Dollar Rede$ign Project