AT&T Bill Redesign
In 2008, AT&T decided to work with Maddock Douglas to revamp their black and white bill to match current brand standards and make information clearer. Our task was to provide templates for the first page of the bill.

One of my goals was to make the bill feel less like, well, a bill. For many customers the bill is the main point of regular contact and it needs to branded accordingly. And not quite so cluttered.

Next, I considered the primary goal of the bill's user is to read the amount due and then to see when he/she needs to pay it by. The rest of the information outlines details that are necessary but still secondary to the purpose of communicating fees.

So, my solution brings the "Total Amount Due" to the top of the visual hierarchy, with "Due By: (Date)" coming next.

I also included all the reference information in the top right. Including billing date and account number, for when someone is shuffling through a pile of bills, for example.

While my design wasn't chosen for the final format, it was a great exercise in pure information design.