A REALTOR for a Reason
The following is excerpted from my concept for the 2010-2011 Membership Reference Guide campaign:

Why do REALTORS® do what they do? Because they enjoy matching clients with the perfect house. Because they care about their community. They do it because they love guiding a family to what they will soon always know as home. REALTORS do what they do for many reasons, but all of them ultimately come back to one thing: They love being a REALTOR. That is their reason. REALTORS are committed to their profession, just as NAR is committed to REALTORS. And for REALTORS, their job isn’t just about a sale, it’s about spreading the American Dream. And at the heart of a REALTOR beats the heart of the market. This year, we’ll look deeper into what drives REALTORS to do what they do, and how NAR can help them do it even better.